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Westglades Middle School

GOOD NEWS! Westglades grade level packets have been further improved; they have been developed with teachers' input to be more comprehensive yet not wasteful. Purchasing supplemental packets by teacher/teams will no longer be necessary.Package pickup will be easier and faster during schedule pick-up.. 


1. Order right here using a credit card by clicking the link below. We will have your orders waiting for you in the cafeteria on Schedule Pick up Day. 

2. Pick up a prepackaged set in the cafeteria on Schedule Pick up Day.

3. Stay tuned in to PTO information/emails during the summer. Early pick up days will be available and supply packets will be available.

Orders placed at this time will be delivered within 1 school day.  The student will be called to the main office to pick up the packet.


*supplies for special classes may not be reflected, as those vary by student​